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Become a national hi-tech enterprise

Date:2018-06-08 10:22:17
National hi-tech enterprises are also called national high and new technology enterprises. According to the regulations on the management of high and new technology enterprises, the national hi-tech enterprises refer to the continuous research and development and the transformation of technical achievements in the high and new technology fields of the state's key support, and form the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprises, and take this as a result. To carry out business activities on the basis of registration of resident enterprises within the territory of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for more than one year. It is a knowledge intensive, technology intensive economic entity, and the state will also give preferential tax rates to high and new technology enterprises.

With science and technology as the core, XXX makes the high-end brand in the field of transmission, implements the technological revolution under the new manufacturing mode, sets up the national brand of rotating transmission, and provides the best service to the customers consistently.

In June 2018, XXX was appraised as "national high-tech enterprise", which greatly promoted the transformation of enterprise science and technology, promoted the brand image of enterprises, improved the value of enterprise market, and raised the value of enterprise capital. It was of great significance to promote the overall development of the enterprise.
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