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1200Mbps Dual Band Wall Mount Panel Wireless Access Point ——GZ-FAP670


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  • 1200Mbps Dual Band Wall Mount Panel Wireless Access Point ——GZ-FAP670 is a high-performance, high-rate indoor-type 11ac panel AP, which can provide 2.4G and 5.8GHz dual-band wireless services, providing a cleaner wireless environment and more stable wireless access.

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WiFi 5 Wall-Mount Access Point 1200Mbps Dual Band with 100Mbps WAN port is an 11ac dual band wall mount style wireless access point upgrade to the latest wireless-AC technology,  fast data rate (900Mbps in 5G and 300Mbps in 2.4GHz) and dual band  allowing content to download faster, large video or music files to sync more quickly and stream seamlessly. Embed PoE, work in hotel, school, hospital mainly for a stable wireless networking. Then work with Yunlink’s Access Controller System and cloud management system, easy in central configuration, meet with different advertisement and multiple authentication requirement , professional and cost effectively in large area Wi-Fi solution


Wireless AC Technology, more users

GZ-FAP670 AC dual band wall mount Wireless Access Point with Gigabit WAN port, offers AC technology 1200Mbps data rate for seamless/smoother video and music streaming. More users including computers, Internet-ready TVs, game consoles, and other Wi-Fi devices can access into this wireless networking


Support 802.11kvr Seamless Roaming

It support 802.11kvr seamless roaming, user will enjoy the freely networking without any suspend even the wireless signal switch from this AP to another AP.


Dual Band, 5G Priority, Less Interference

Double your network bandwidth with Dual-Band AC(2.4G and 5G) and 5G priority, designed to help avoid interference and maximize throughput. You can browse web pages, handle mails and chat over 2.4G while enjoying large-free HD multimedia and online gaming over 5G without worrying about interference.


Build in Wi-Fi Channel Analysis Tool for best channel

Build in Smart Channel Analysis Tool, help to select the less Wi-Fi Interference channels, ensure the stability wireless signal.


Power over Ethernet

GZ-FAP670 AC AP has integrated IEEE 802.3af standard Power over Ethernet (PoE), for easy installation and lower cost. So it can be installed in areas where power outlets are not readily available, eliminating the mess of altering existing network infrastructure.

1200Mbps Dual Band Wall Mount Panel Wireless Access Point

1200Mbps Dual Band Wall Mount Panel Wireless Access Point

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