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24-Port PoE Switch - 100/1000M with Gigabit Uplink Ports


Product Description:

24-Port 100/1000M PoE Switch, with 24*10/100M PoE ports + 2*Gigabit uplink RJ45 ports + 1*Gigabit uplink SFP port, IEEE 802.3af/at standard, bandwidth 10.8Gbps, total power 400W, surpport port isolation and 250m transmission, suitable for -10~50℃ wide temperature environment, 1U rack-mounted 

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· 24*10/100M PoE ports + 2*Gigbit uplink RJ45 ports + 1*Gigbit uplink SFP port
· IEEE 802.3af/at standard, total power 400W, maximum 30W PoE power of single port
· One-click smart dial mode, support port isolation, 250 meters extend
· Panel indicators to monitor working status and help fault analysis
· Suitable for -10~50℃ wide temperature environment
· 1U rack-mounted

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